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Posted by Larry Gilroy
August 14, 2014
Posted in Leadership, Risk Management, The GKG Experience

Shhh…Are you listening?

In the middle of the last century, there were three television networks. Those lucky enough to own a television in the 1950s watched those stations. (Not that they had much of a choice!)

Today, there are more than a million YouTube channels.

There are more than 50 million Twitter users.

There are more than 150 million Instagram accounts.

These days, everybody is a broadcaster.

For the most part, the rise in social media is a positive development. It’s brought people together, transformed the way we do business, and even helped jumpstart the Arab Spring.

But many people are now of the mindset that they must constantly be in “broadcaster mode,” expressing their opinions, their views, their feelings. The flipside to social media’s empowerment is an often blinding focus on the “me.”

In business, being in constant broadcaster mode is a major mistake. Companies that barrage potential clients with marketing messages and sales associates who tell the customer what they think they want, rather than focusing on the customer’s actual needs, will ultimately fail. Or, at the very best, be mediocre…never a leader.

In a word (or two), leaders listen.

At GKG, we don’t just listen, we pay attention. It’s how we routinely earn the repeat business of 98% of our customers. It’s how we earn the recognition of our peers and it’s why we pride ourselves on providing such holistic counsel to our clients. Yes, we are Risk Advisors, but without spending time listening to our clients and getting the full picture of what’s impacting their businesses and their lives, we can’t lead. We must understand needs, challenges, and aspirations in order to truly provide value.

That’s how we strive to lead every day, and that’s how we set GKG apart.

Larry Gilroy
President, Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy

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